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In the next video we will look at the next stage of completing this course and how you do the exam but in this video we want to review the course and look at the next stages needed to complete your care certificate.

Remember this online course covers the theory units, you still need to be signed off for the competency based units by your employer. You need to discuss this with them as every workplace will be different in how they implement the practical modules and it may be that you already have done some of these. If you need additional training courses or practical evaluations on the modules covered on this course please contact ProTrainings on 01206 805359 and we will be happy to discuss your training requirements. We have over 80 video online courses and with our national network of approved and monitored instructors we can offer over 170 class based courses local to you or at your workplace.

There are many websites where you can find more information on completing the care certificate and links to these are on the student resources section of this course.

Make sure you refer to the Skills for Care website for any changes to the Care Certificate and details of how your employer issues the certificate.