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Hand hygiene policy

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Comprehensive Guide to Hand Hygiene and Cleaning in Healthcare Settings

This guide outlines essential policies and practices for maintaining hand hygiene and cleanliness in healthcare facilities.

Hand Hygiene Policies

Key policies to ensure effective hand hygiene:

  • Nail Care: Nails should be short, clean, free of varnish, and without false nails.
  • Clinical Wash-Hand Basins: Available in every surgery and decontamination room, designed without plugs or overflows.
  • Tap Design: Fitted with sensor-operated or lever-operated mixer taps to minimize aerosol generation.
  • Soap Dispensers: Wall-mounted with disposable cartridges. Refillable containers and bar soap are discouraged.

Hand-Washing Techniques

Procedures for proper hand-washing:

  • Posters illustrating correct hand-washing techniques are displayed.
  • Hands should be dried using disposable towels provided.
  • Hand cream is available for skin care, but should not be used under gloves.

Use of Hand Rubs/Gels

Guidelines for using alcohol-based hand rubs/gels:

  • Appropriate for visibly clean hands along with a proper hand-rub technique.
  • Follow manufacturer’s instructions for maximum applications before washing is needed.
  • Do not substitute alcohol-impregnated wipes for hand rubs/gels.

Reducing Infection Risks

By adhering to these hand hygiene and cleaning protocols, the risk of infection and cross-contamination is significantly reduced.

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