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Reducing the Likelihood of Discrimination in Care

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Examples of discrimination in the care sector could include situations where activities are organised in places with no wheelchair access, complaint forms only being provided in English or meals only being served between 8 am and 5pm, another example could be women being served smaller portions than men at mealtimes.

Examples of diversity in care would be providing meals that meet individuals preferences and giving individual’s the support they need so that they can take part in activities. You can work in ways that promote equality diversity and inclusion and therefore reduce the likelihood of discrimination,  this should include providing care that is person centred, every individual you treat is unique and should be treated as such, you should always work in non-judgemental ways and follow the agreed ways of working and work to ensure that everyone is able to take part and included.

The code of conduct for Healthcare Support Workers and Adult Social Care Workers includes the following principles,  Promoting and upholding privacy, dignity, rights health and wellbeing,  work in collaboration, communicate in an open and effective way, respect a person’s right to confidentiality, strive to improve the quality of care and support, uphold and promote equality, diversity and inclusion and be accountable.

When working in care you must challenge discrimination when you witness behaviour that you know is not right and doesn’t promote the wellbeing of individuals be courageous and willing to confront or challenge it.  If you believe that any individual is being treated unfairly report it to your manager.