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Online Care Certificate Course from ProTrainings Europe


Welcome to the video online Care Certificate course from ProTrainings Europe, designed to meet the theory components of the care certificate.

Course Overview

Care Certificate Issuance: Completion of this course, along with work-based competency units, enables employers to issue the Care Certificate to employees.

Evidence-Based Learning Statement: Upon course completion, you'll receive an evidence-based learning statement, facilitating acceptance by employers.

Course Structure

Standard Coverage: The course covers 15 standards identical to those of the Care Certificate.

Supplementary Materials: Access workbooks and downloadable documents in the student resources section to enhance understanding of each module.

Training Options

Practical Modules: Practical skills, such as basic life support, can be practiced locally alongside the online course.

Flexible Training: We offer integrated classroom-based and online training, tailored training packages, and regulated qualifications to support care sector training needs.

Course Features

Flexible Learning: Watch videos, complete knowledge review questions, and take a final test at your own pace.

Multi-Device Compatibility: Access the course on any device for convenience.

Resource Support: Read text alongside videos, access downloadable documents, and utilize various video player options.

Completion and Support

Certification: Print completion certificates, Certified CPD statements, and evidence-based learning statements upon passing the test.

Continuous Support: Access resources, links, and ongoing updates to support training needs.

Customer Support: Contact us for assistance throughout your training journey.

Additional Benefits

Extended Access: Enjoy access to course materials for 8 months after starting the course.

Weekly Refresher Emails: Opt-in for free weekly refresher emails to keep skills updated and informed about new course content and blog updates.


Thank you for choosing ProTrainings. We trust you'll find this course beneficial for your training needs.