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Communication and Person Centred Care

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Effective Communication in Person-Centred Care

Providing top-notch person-centred care is contingent on the quality of communication. This encompasses a wide range of communication forms and is a vital skill for both managers and staff in the healthcare sector.

Challenges in Communication

Communication diversity presents a challenge in the healthcare environment. This includes managing varying levels of English language proficiency, as well as different accents, dialects, and communication styles.

Verbal Communication in Care

The way we speak - not just what we say - is crucial. Care workers must be clear, patient, and non-aggressive in their verbal interactions, particularly with individuals having communication or hearing impairments.

Effective Interaction Tips

  • Ensure the listener knows you're addressing them.
  • Speak clearly and at an appropriate volume.
  • Use non-verbal cues effectively, like smiling.

Written Communication in Care

Written documentation in healthcare is as vital as verbal communication. Good written records ensure clarity and continuity in patient care.

Best Practices for Documentation

  • Ensure all records are clear, dated, and time-stamped.
  • Include your name and signature on all documents.
  • Store records appropriately, avoiding informal notes.

Improving Communication Skills

For healthcare workers, having proficient verbal and written communication skills is imperative. Where there are gaps, additional training should be provided to elevate the standard of care and wellbeing of service users.

Ultimately, effective communication is the cornerstone of excellent person-centred care, playing a pivotal role in the wellbeing and satisfaction of those in care.