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Types of discrimination

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Comprehensive Guide to the Equality Act 2010

An in-depth exploration of the various forms of discrimination outlined in the UK's Equality Act 2010.

Key Forms of Discrimination Under the Equality Act 2010

Delving into the diverse types of discrimination protected under the Act, focusing on associative, perceptive discrimination, harassment, and more.

Associative Discrimination

Explaining how discrimination based on association with others having protected characteristics is unlawful.

Perceptive Discrimination

Understanding discrimination based on perceived characteristics, regardless of their accuracy.


Defining harassment as unwanted conduct violating an individual's dignity or creating an offensive environment.

Extended Protection under the Act

Examining additional protections provided by the Equality Act 2010, including third-party harassment and victimisation.

Third-Party Harassment

Outlining employer liabilities for harassment of employees by non-employees.


Clarifying protections against unfair treatment following a complaint or grievance under the Act.

Broader Application of the Equality Act

Highlighting the Act's extensive reach, governing interactions in all personal and professional life aspects.