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Lawful, Fairness and Transparency

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GDPR Compliance: Lawful Processing, Fairness, and Transparency

Lawful Processing

Organisations and individuals processing data must have valid grounds, known as Lawful Basis, to process personal data.

  • Six Lawful Basis: Under GDPR, there are six Lawful Basis. If no lawful basis applies, processing data would be unlawful and in breach of GDPR principles.
  • Compliance: Deciding on Lawful Basis for data processing is one of the initial steps to GDPR compliance. Multiple bases may be used for different processing purposes.


Fairness in data processing involves:

  • Collection: Ensure data collection is fair. Misleading or deceiving individuals into providing data is unfair.
  • Expectations: Process personal data in a manner reasonably expected by individuals, avoiding negative effects on them.


Transparency entails:

  • Openness: Be open and honest about data collection, processing, sharing, retention, and purposes.
  • Privacy Policy: Provide comprehensive information in your privacy policy, ensuring clarity and conciseness to uphold individuals' right to be informed.