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Lawful, Fairness and Transparency

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Lawful – organisations and individuals processing data must have valid grounds or a Lawful Basis to process personal data. There are six Lawful Basis under GDPR if no lawful basis applies, the organisation would be processing data unlawfully and would be in breach of this principle.  

Deciding your Lawful Basis or Bases for processing data is among the first steps to compliance with GDPR, you may use more than one basis for different processing purposes. Lawful Basis will be covered later in the course. 

Fairness can apply to how you collected the data in the first place if the individual was misled or deceived into providing the data then, this obviously isn’t fair. Make sure that you obtain and process personal data in a way that an individual would reasonably expect you to and not in any way that may have a negative effect on them. 

Transparency, be open and honest about how you collect data, how you process it, who you share it with, how long you will retain in and why you process it, provide all of this information in your privacy policy so that they know all of the facts from the outset in a clear concise way so that you don’t affect an individual’s right to be informed.