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Learning Disabilities

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The cause of learning disabilities is not always known but they can be due genetic conditions such as Down’s Syndrome or illnesses like meningitus that affect the brain or injury or illness in childhood.  People with a learning disability may have difficulty learning new skills, understanding information, communicating or living independently.  In most cases living with a learning disability will affect the individual throughout their life how great the impact does depend on the type of learning disability and the severity of their condition. People with a mild learning disability may be indepent with minimal support, while someone with a sever learning disability may not be able to verbally communicate and may communicate in a ways that other people find difficult to understand  this can affect how other people see and respond to them.

When supporting people with learning difficulties it is important to remember that every individual is unique and will have different preferences, life history needs and experiences.  The support you give must be person centred to meet their specific needs and be delivered in a way that helps to enable them to develop their skills so that they can become more independent.

Positive attitudes should be promoted to eliminate the stigma that is often associated with mental health problems, learning disabilities and dementia.  This helps to ensure that people with mental health problems do not feel lonely or left out of society.  Promote wellbeing for those living with the condition, identify and build on the individual’s skills and abilities, provide opportunities that will help the individual to feel empowered and in control of their own life and make sure that they are not isolated in social situations.