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Supporting active participation

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Active Participation and Personalised Care in Health and Social Care

Active participation is a crucial approach in health and social care, emphasizing the individual's right to be actively involved in their own care. This method supports independence, self-esteem, and personal identity in care and support services.

Principles of Active Participation

Active participation involves treating the individual as an active partner in their care, respecting their expertise and preferences in every aspect of their life.

Empowering Individual Decision Making

For instance, involving individuals in decisions about celebrations and respecting their choices helps in building their self-esteem and identity.

Equality, Diversity, and Personalised Solutions

Ensuring equality and valuing diversity are integral to active participation. This involves providing equal opportunities for all and tailoring solutions to individual needs.

Common Core Principles for Self Care

Skills for Care and Skills for Health have developed principles to facilitate personalised services, putting people at the centre of their care planning.

Respect and Open-mindedness in Care

Care workers should maintain a positive, open-minded attitude, respecting different attitudes and beliefs, and focusing on the overall well-being of individuals.

Challenging Prejudice and Stereotyping

It is vital to reflect on personal attitudes and beliefs to ensure they do not negatively impact care quality. Prejudice and stereotyping have no place in health and social care.

Addressing Privacy and Dignity Concerns

Addressing any concerns regarding privacy or dignity with a manager is important. Adherence to agreed ways of working ensures the provision of the best possible care and support.

By embracing active participation and personalised care approaches, health and social care workers can significantly enhance the quality of life and autonomy of those they support.