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Reporting Errors

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Even when you are trying to provide the best possible care to the best of your ability, sometimes mistakes can happen, if they do then it is very important to be honest, identify the error and to report it.

Failing to report an error when it occurs can result in serious consequences, for example if an individual tells a worker that they experience pain everyday after taking a certain medication and the worker forgets to make a note in the individual’s care plan,  they should tell their supervisor as soon as possible, this care plan is not up to date and the supervisor will need to ensure that  appropriate action is taken,  it may be that the individual can be prescribed a different medication or they need a check up to make sure that the pain is not a sign of a more serious problem,  failing to report this error could result in the individual not taking their medication, or continuing to experience pain and this would not be an acceptable level of care.