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Supporting individuals to plan for their future wellbeing and fulfilment, including end-of-life care

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Empowering Individuals in Care

A guide to fostering personal growth and decision-making in care settings.

Key Principles of Person-Centred Care

Understanding the philosophy that underpins person-centred care, focusing on the individual's potential and needs.

Defining Wellbeing in Care

Aspects of wellbeing as outlined in the Care Act 2014, encompassing personal dignity, health, safety, and social engagement.

  • Personal dignity: Respectful treatment
  • Physical, mental, and emotional health
  • Protection from abuse and neglect
  • Control over daily life and care
  • Participation in various activities
  • Social and economic wellbeing
  • Domestic and personal relationships
  • Suitable living accommodation
  • Contribution to society

Facilitating Open Dialogue

Encouraging individuals to express their preferences and needs for tailored care.

Advanced Care Planning

The importance of advanced care planning, particularly for end-of-life situations, to ensure an individual's wishes are respected and followed.

Supporting Decision-Making

Strategies for maintaining open communication and decision-making in care, including alternative communication methods and advocacy support.

Legislative Frameworks in Care

How the Mental Capacity Act 2005 supports advanced care planning and respects the individual's autonomy.