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Organisational abuse and Discriminatory Abuse

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Understanding Organisational and Discriminatory Abuse: A Modern Perspective

Organisational abuse typically occurs within care environments, such as care homes, nursing homes, hospitals, or even within a patient's home, when the institutional rules become oppressive and harmful to those under care.

Organisational Abuse

This form of abuse arises from suppressive rules and regimes within an institution, impacting the residents or individuals receiving support. It can manifest as:

  • Lack of personal choice
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Disrespect towards individuals
  • Infringement on personal dignity

Possible indicators of organisational abuse include:

  • Insufficient staffing levels
  • Poor or inadequate staff training
  • Low staff morale
  • Substandard care of residents or individuals
  • Staff commanding residents or individuals
  • Infringement on personal communication, such as opening mail, controlling phone calls, or limiting visitors
  • Neglecting to provide adequate stimulation or interaction

Discriminatory Abuse

Another form of abuse is discriminatory abuse, which involves the unfair treatment or harassment of individuals based on their characteristics, such as age, sex, sexual orientation, language, culture, religion, political beliefs, hair colour, environment, disability, style, and others.

Signs of discriminatory abuse can include:

  • Racial harassment
  • Social isolation due to language barriers
  • Ignorance or disregard for a person’s cultural, dietary, or religious beliefs
  • Deliberate exclusion based on a person’s size, sexuality, or similar attributes
  • Offensive personal remarks

Abuse in Digital Spaces

In today's digital context, it's critical to understand that organisational and discriminatory abuses can also transpire in digital environments. Cyberbullying, online discrimination, and invasion of online privacy are rising issues that should be highlighted in contemporary child protection courses. It's of utmost importance to advocate for online safety, respect, and digital citizenship to ensure children's protection in the digital age.