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Walking Frames

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Understanding and Using Walking Frames: An In-Depth Guide

Walking frames are essential mobility aids designed to provide stability for individuals who may have difficulty in walking, taking larger steps, or maintaining a steady gait. This guide will provide detailed instructions on how to correctly use a walking frame.

What are Walking Frames?

Walking frames, often referred to as Zimmer frames in the UK, are used to assist individuals who might be slightly unsteady on their feet. They provide a stable base with multiple contact points, ensuring a safer and steadier walk.

Adjusting the Walking Frame to the User

Each walking frame comes with adjustable feet, allowing it to be customised to the individual's height. Ideally, when the user is leaning against it with straight arms, it should be at the correct height. Ensuring this right fit enhances safety and comfort for the user.

How to Use a Walking Frame

Once the walking frame has been adjusted to the correct height, the user can begin to use it to assist their mobility.

Moving with the Walking Frame

To move forward, the user should first place the front of the frame on the floor. They can then step into the frame, moving one foot at a time. The sequence becomes: place the frame, step in, step in. This gives the stability of four points of contact on the frame, plus the user's two feet on the ground — totalling six points of contact.

Navigating with the Walking Frame

Users should take care to check the ground in front of them, as uneven surfaces can pose challenges. It's important to take time and move at a comfortable pace to maintain balance and safety. If needed, another person can walk alongside to provide additional support and reassurance.

Offering Reassurance

While walking with a frame can provide increased mobility, it can also be a new experience for some. Offering reassurance and allowing the user to move at their own pace can greatly enhance their confidence and comfort.

Note: Always remember to adhere to proper health and safety guidelines when using walking frames.