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Calling the Fire Service

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Emergency Response: Calling the Fire Service

In the event of a fire, promptly calling the fire service is crucial. Ensuring the call is made is your priority, and if uncertain, it's safer to call again.

Contacting the Fire Service

To reach emergency services in the UK:

  • Dial 999 or the European emergency number 112.
  • Specify the service you require: Fire Service, and if needed, Police or Ambulance.

Information to Provide During the Call

Be prepared to answer questions regarding:

  • Your location and the nature of the emergency.
  • If anyone is trapped or if there are dangerous substances involved.
  • Any injuries and whether life is at risk.

Remain calm and provide clear, concise answers to help the emergency services respond effectively.

After Making the Emergency Call

Continue to manage the situation by:

  • Ensuring everyone is safe and accounted for.
  • Directing the fire service to the correct location upon their arrival.

Communicating with Emergency Services on Site

When the fire service arrives, provide them with any additional information about the fire and related concerns to assist in their response.


Making a timely and informed call to the fire service during an emergency can save lives. Your actions and cooperation with emergency responders are vital in ensuring the safety of everyone involved.