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There are many places that you can get help if you are caring for someone with any form of Dementia. Your Doctors will be the first place as they can give you advice and support. They can also advise you of any local support groups.

There are many charities that have a massive array of information on their website, video, leaflets and you can always call them for more help. We have put some web links on the student resources section of this course. Do not feel you are on your own, there are many people who can help and support you. If you are working in the care sector, you can ask your manager or company for advice. You can also discuss any questions with your co-workers. Try and understand as much as you can about Dementia and what it is like for the person who suffers from it and tries to understand them and make their life as easy as you can. This will help you cope better.

We offer the Virtual Dementia Tour, which will give you a little more understanding into what it might be like to suffer from Dementia and then you may find it easier to cope in dealing with their care. If you would like more information about the Virtual Dementia Tour local to you, contact us or look at and search for the course called Virtual Dementia Tour.