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Support for Dementia Caregivers

Professional Assistance

Doctor's Guidance: Your doctor is a primary source of advice and support, offering valuable insights and local support group referrals.

Charitable Resources: Numerous charities provide extensive information through their websites, videos, and leaflets. Contact them directly or access provided web links for assistance.

Workplace Support

Managerial Guidance: If you work in the care sector, seek advice from your manager or company regarding caregiving challenges. Collaborate with co-workers to address questions and concerns.

Understanding Dementia

Education: Acquire comprehensive knowledge about dementia to better comprehend the experiences of those affected. Strive to empathize and facilitate a comfortable environment for the individual.

Virtual Dementia Tour: Participate in the Virtual Dementia Tour for enhanced understanding of dementia's impact. Contact us or visit to find the course titled Virtual Dementia Tour for local availability.