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What is SOVA?

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ProTrainings SOVA Course: Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

About the Course

The ProTrainings SOVA course aims to enhance awareness of abuse directed towards vulnerable adults and develop the ability to effectively respond to suspected or actual incidents of abuse.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify Abuse: Recognize various types of abuse.
  • Understand Causes: Consider factors contributing to abuse.
  • Confidence in Reporting: Increase confidence in reporting abuse.
  • Confidentiality Issues: Address confidentiality and disclosure concerns.
  • Recognize Indicators: Identify signs of abuse and understand relevant legislation.

Understanding SOVA

Definition: SOVA stands for Safeguarding Of Vulnerable Adults, formerly known as POVA (Protection Of Vulnerable Adults).

Purpose: SOVA aims to eliminate poor practices and ensure the highest protection for vulnerable adults from harm. The Government emphasizes raising care standards through the National Minimum Standards.

Key Agencies Involved

The main multi-agencies collaborating to uphold safeguarding standards, promote strategies, formulate reports, and provide support and guidance include:

  • Care Standards 2000
  • CQC (Care Quality Commission)
  • Social Services and Adult Protection
  • Police

This framework extends to anyone providing support to vulnerable adults.