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We should never take decisions away from a person who has the ability to make their own decisions. Because of this, we must follow strict assessment criteria when looking at an individual’s capacity. The main aim of MCA is to ensure that a person is taken care of, safely and to empower them to make their own decisions where possible.

The MCA states that if someone is unable to make decisions due to Mental Capacity, then you should have as much help as possible to make your decisions. for them. This means involving that person and giving them a chance to make a decision. A person may require more information and understand their options before coming up with their decision. It is all about taking the time to explain options and information.

People should assess if you can make a particular decision. There is a full assessment process completed for those individuals who may be protected under Mental Capacity. This assessment is completed by a trained professional which will ultimately make a decision on capacity.

Even if you cannot make a complicated decision for yourself, this does not mean that you cannot make more straightforward decisions.

It is a basic human right to make decisions and this is something to be encouraged. Just because complex decisions cannot be handled does not mean they should not be given the opportunity to make smaller ones.

Their condition may mean that they cannot make complex decisions but that they are able to make smaller ones… for example; making a decision on financial affairs may be difficult but a decision on what to have for tea may be possible. The individual should always be given a chance to make a decision and given all the necessary support to achieve this.

Even if someone has to make a decision on their behalf, they must still be involved in this as much as possible. MCA is about supporting people who are unable to make decisions for themselves, this does not mean that they shouldn’t be involved in the decisions relating to them.

We must always involve them in the decision-making process taking time to explain to the person concerned so they are aware of what is happening and given the chance to have some input.

Anyone making a decision on their behalf. must do so in their best interests. This seems obvious, but it is an important factor to consider and this is for the protection of the individual. All decisions must be made in their best interests and not for the benefit of others.

An example is when we talk about financial gain. What I mean by this is when a person gains financially as a result of a decision made. When making a decision you must consider all relevant circumstances and make every effort to encourage and enable the person who lacks the capacity to take part in making the decision. In doing so you need to consider the person’s past and present wishes and feeling, their beliefs and values.