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Medication and healthcare activities and tasks

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Medication Management in Health and Social Care

Effective medication management is crucial in healthcare settings. This guide outlines the key aspects of handling medication responsibly.

Understanding Individual Medication Needs

Each individual's medication needs are unique. Some may require assistance with medication, while others can manage independently. Encouraging self-management of medication promotes independence and reduces errors. This information is detailed in each person's care plan.

Agreed Procedures for Handling Medication

  • Ordering: Quick and efficient process.
  • Receiving: Verify received medication against the order list.
  • Storing: Controlled drugs must be securely stored.
  • Administering: Correct dosage to the right individual at the right time.
  • Recording: Use a Medicine Administration Record (MAR) for clear tracking.
  • Transfer: Medication should accompany the individual during transfers.
  • Disposal: Return unused medication to a pharmacy.

Healthcare Tasks and Medication Assistance

Tasks such as filing nails, continence maintenance, and medication assistance should only be performed as per the individual's care or support plan. It's essential that these plans clearly outline the needs and requirements, including the person's mental capacity and physical abilities.

Consent and Training

Always obtain consent before assisting with healthcare tasks or medication. Workers must be appropriately trained for these responsibilities. You're not permitted to assist with medication or related tasks unless it's part of your role and you've completed the necessary training.

Legal and Policy Compliance

Adhere to the latest legislation and guidance from your employer regarding medication and healthcare tasks. Do not perform actions outside the scope of the individual's care plan.

This guide is for informational purposes only and is subject to change with evolving healthcare laws and organisational policies.