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Encouraging Person Centred Care

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Encouraging Person-Centred Care

Understanding the Shift

The concept of person-centred care is gaining attention due to a shift away from traditional medical and social models.

Importance of Inclusion

Person-centred care involves including the individual in the care process, acknowledging their needs and preferences.

Recognition of Individuality

An essential aspect of person-centred care is recognising the individuality of each person, including their emotions and experiences.

Implementing a Person-Centred Model

In a person-centred care model:

  • Prioritise Patient/Family: Place the patient or family member's needs and preferences first.
  • Consider Likes and Dislikes: Take into account their likes, dislikes, and personal preferences.
  • Adopt a Servant's Approach: Shift towards a servant leadership mindset, focusing on serving the individual's needs.


Embracing person-centred care involves prioritising the individual's needs and preferences, promoting inclusivity, and acknowledging their unique experiences.