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Receiving feedback

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You need helpful feedback when joining a new workplace and learning new skills. As you progress through the Care Certificate and your induction, you should receive regular feedback from your manager or assessor. Feedback is good to receive as this should help you to develop your skills, provide clarity and give you the ability to meet the standards required.

Not receiving any feedback can lead to a false assessment of your own abilities. Health and social care work involve using knowledge, skills and understanding together to manage complicated and stressful situations in a caring and compassionate way.

Constructive feedback is one way of helping you develop your confidence and your ability to solve problems. It is an essential part of learning and development which helps you develop awareness of your strengths as well as areas for improvement.

Feedback can be formal or informal:

  • Formal feedback would usually be given in writing. This might be part of an assessment or appraisal or on a comments sheet
  • Informal feedback happens in day-to-day discussion with work colleagues, managers or the individuals that you provide care and support for.

You should be given feedback as soon after the event as possible. The most helpful feedback is always given positively and is constructive. This means it should be based on the facts and describe what you could do differently or what you did well. It should concentrate on how to change rather than on personal factors like confidence or intelligence. If you need any clarification on the feedback you receive, ask questions and discuss your feedback so that you fully understand what is being given and how you can improve.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Standard 2.1 - Learning Outcome 2.1c
  • Standard 2.2 - Learning Outcome 2.2d
  • Standard 2.2 - Learning Outcome 2.2e