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Manual handling Employee and Employer responsibility

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Employers are required to conduct risk assessments, which are either reviewed after significant changes have been implemented or upon a review date. There must also be appointed persons in the workplace to deal with compliance. When there are five or more employees, the risk assessments must be documented. The employer must follow appropriate systems and keep their staff safe while in their working environment. They need to try and reduce risks and find ways of avoiding manual handling problems by maintaining safe equipment and systems of handling and storing. Adequate training must also be provided by the employer.
The Manual Handling Operations Regulations established a hierarchy of measures that an employer must take into account when a manual handling activity is being undertaken and presents a hazard. These measures state that manual handling operations should be avoided as far as possible. Where this is not possible, a suitable and sufficient risk assessment should be carried out, which reduces the risk of injury as far as reasonably practical. It is your duty as an employee to follow the rules regarding manual handling and training and to keep yourself safe and inform your manager of any potential problems. For examples, objects that are too heavy or too large to move, uneven or slippery floors, damaged equipment and unsuitable storage facilities, to name a few.
You should not do anything that could be dangerous or that could also hurt somebody else. Under these regulations, employees are required to ensure that they use all equipment and safety devices provided to them and follow all the training that has been provided by their employer. Individuals who are self-employed are responsible for their own health and safety when moving and handling. They should take the same steps as an employer to ensure that they do not sustain injuries due to poor manual handling practices.