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Supporting independence

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Respecting Individual Choices and Managing Risks in Care

Adhering to the code of conduct in care requires respecting and protecting individual rights, including their independence and right to make choices, even if they involve risks.

Supporting Independent Decision Making

Individuals may make choices that seem unwise or unsafe. As a care worker, your role is to ensure they have adequate information to understand the implications of their decisions.

Examples of Independent Choices

  • A person with a disability trying a new physical activity.
  • Someone choosing not to alter their diet.

Risk Assessment and Enablement

When an individual chooses to take risks, conducting a risk assessment can help find ways to reduce risks and support their decision-making process.

Employer Guidance on Risk Management

Your employer will provide guidance on risk assessments, risk enablement, and health and safety, focusing on individual well-being.

Seeking Support and Advice

If unsure about any situation, consult your manager, the individual's family, friends, or healthcare professionals for support and advice.

Understanding Mental Capacity

Assessing mental capacity is crucial. Some individuals may be capable of making daily decisions but not complex ones. Seek additional guidance in these cases.

The Importance of Communication

Effective communication is essential in risk assessment and managing challenging situations. Good communication skills can often defuse difficult situations and improve care quality.

Understanding and applying these principles in care ensures that individuals are supported in their choices while managing risks effectively.

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