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Waterless hand gels

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Effective Use of Hand Sanitisers

Understanding Hand Sanitisers

Hand sanitisers, also known as anti-bacterial gels, are frequently employed alongside hand washing. However, it's vital to comprehend their properties and limitations to use them effectively.

1. Complementary to Hand Washing

Hand sanitisers are a useful addition but should not replace proper hand cleaning. They serve as a supplement to hand washing when washing is impractical or frequent.

2. Limitations of Hand Sanitisers

These sanitisers are most effective on clean hands. They can kill bacteria but are less efficient on dirty or greasy hands. It's essential to note that they do not eliminate norovirus.

3. Alcohol-Based Sanitisers

Commonly alcohol-based, these sanitisers come in various sizes, some even designed for easy portability.

4. Proper Application

To use hand sanitiser effectively:

  • Squeeze: Open the container and dispense an appropriate amount into your hand.
  • Rub: Thoroughly rub the gel into your hands, ensuring coverage between fingers, under nails, around thumbs, and the backs of your hands.
  • Drying: The gel will quickly air dry, leaving your hands clean.

5. Wall-Mounted Containers

Hand sanitiser is also available in wall-mounted dispensers. To use them:

  • Press: Push down on the front of the dispenser to release the gel.
  • Application: Rub the gel onto your hands as instructed above.

6. Universal Wipes

Another option is universal wipes, which can be used on hands and surfaces:

  • Retrieve: Open the packaging and pull out a wipe.
  • Hand Cleaning: Wipe your hands following a similar technique to gel application.
  • Surface Cleaning: These wipes can also be used to clean surfaces.
  • Disposal: Dispose of used wipes following workplace guidelines.

7. Consider Moisturising Sanitisers

If choosing hand sanitisers, opt for those that include moisturisers to reduce the risk of skin damage from frequent use.

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