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The importance of finding out the history, preferences, wishes and needs of the individual

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Integrating Individual Histories and Preferences in Person-Centred Care

Exploring the significance of understanding each person's unique history, preferences, and needs in delivering person-centred care.

Discovering Individual Histories

Emphasising the importance of learning about an individual's personal background to tailor care plans effectively.

Adjusting Care to Individual Needs

Examples of how knowledge of personal histories can influence care decisions, like dietary adjustments based on religious beliefs.

Understanding and Utilising Care Plans

A detailed look at the function, importance, and dynamics of care plans in ensuring tailored and effective care.

Reviewing and Updating Care Plans

The necessity of regularly reviewing and adapting care plans to meet changing needs and preferences.

Legal and Informational Aspects of Care Plans

Discussing the legal significance of care plans and their role in providing information to new or temporary staff for consistent care.

Engaging with Care Plans in Your Workplace

Guidance on how to familiarise yourself with care plans in your work environment and the steps to take if revisions are needed.

Seeking Assistance and Making Suggestions

Encouraging dialogue with managers about the use of care plans and advocating for necessary changes to enhance individual care.