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Person centred values in practice

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Understanding Person-Centred Values in Health and Social Care

Exploring the critical values that guide quality care and support for individuals in a health and social care setting.

Key Person-Centred Values


Recognizing each person's unique identity, needs, and preferences. Emphasizing the importance of a tailored approach to care.


Respecting and upholding the rights of individuals as outlined in the Human Rights Act 1998, including freedom of expression and safety from harm.


Ensuring privacy in both physical and informational aspects. Emphasizing the importance of consent in sharing private information.


Empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their care, with support for alternative communication methods.


Encouraging and supporting autonomy in daily activities, while providing necessary support.


Acknowledging and respecting each person's ethical and moral beliefs. Providing dignified care through a positive and respectful approach.


Valuing each individual's opinions and feelings, and maintaining a respectful attitude in all interactions.


Engaging with individuals, families, and other caregivers in a collaborative manner to enhance the quality of care.