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Introduction to Standard One - Understanding your role

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Understanding Your Role - Care Certificate Standard 1

The first standard of the Care Certificate focuses on understanding your role within health and social care. This encompasses knowing your responsibilities, the limits of your role, and the professional standards you are expected to uphold.

Job Description and Responsibilities

Your role is defined by a job description, outlining your main duties, responsibilities, and reporting hierarchy. Ensure you have a copy and understand both your responsibilities and boundaries.

Typical Duties in Job Descriptions

  • Providing care and support in a person-centred way.
  • Effective communication and relationship building.
  • Promoting equality and diversity within a team.
  • Maintaining safety and clear records in line with regulations.
  • Upholding confidentiality and secure record keeping.

National Standards and Codes of Conduct

The skills and knowledge required for your role are outlined in national standards like the Care Certificate and the Code of Conduct for Healthcare Support Workers and Adult Social Care Workers in England.

The Care Certificate

The Care Certificate is a shared health and social care training programme, covering 15 standards that new workers are expected to complete before working unsupervised. More information can be found on the Skills for Care website.

Code of Conduct

This Code outlines the ethical and moral standards expected of health and social care workers. It is an essential guide for professional behaviour.

Continued Learning and Development

Beyond induction, ongoing learning and development are crucial. You may be required to undertake further qualifications to enhance your skills and knowledge.

This section provides a foundation for deeper exploration into your role in health and social care, to be expanded in future training and videos.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Standard 1.1 - Learning Outcome 1.1a
  • Standard 1.1 - Learning Outcome 1.1b
  • Standard 1.1 - Learning Outcome 1.1c