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History of the care certificate

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Understanding the Care Certificate in Health and Social Care

Introduced in April 2015, the Care Certificate is a crucial component of the induction program for healthcare assistants and adult social care workers. It is a direct outcome of the Cavendish Review, which highlighted the need for consistent and quality training in these sectors.

Background of the Care Certificate

The Care Certificate was developed following the Cavendish Review in July 2013, a response to the Francis Inquiry into the Mid-Staffordshire NHS Trust's care failings.

The Cavendish Review's Findings

The review revealed inconsistencies in the training and development of healthcare assistants and adult social care workers, leading to the creation of the Care Certificate.

Goals and Structure of the Care Certificate

The certificate encompasses learning outcomes, competencies, and standards of behaviour expected in health and social care, emphasising care, compassion, and quality service.

Replacing Previous Induction Programmes

It builds upon and replaces earlier induction programmes, including the Common Induction Standards (CIS) and National Minimum Training Standards (NMTS).

The 15 Standards of the Care Certificate

The Care Certificate comprises 15 standards, aligned with the Code of Conduct for Healthcare Support Workers, the Social Care Commitment, and the '6Cs' outlined by the Chief Nursing Officer for England.

Who Should Undertake the Care Certificate?

It is intended for new staff in healthcare and social care, particularly those in roles with direct patient contact, including healthcare assistants, support workers, and home care workers.

Implementation and Assessment

Employers determine the appropriateness of the Care Certificate for different roles. To be awarded the certificate, all outcomes and assessment requirements must be met.

Portability and Scope

The Care Certificate applies across health and social care sectors and is portable between different organisations, assessing both knowledge and competence.

Completion of the Care Certificate ensures that healthcare assistants and adult social care workers are equipped with essential skills and knowledge to provide high-quality care.