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Assisted Sit to Stand

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Guidance on Assisting Individuals with Sit-to-Stand Transitions

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for assisting someone, like Di, to transition from sitting to standing, ensuring safety and independence.

Preparing for Assistance

Before assisting, it is important to:

  • Obtain consent and assess the individual's FIM (Functional Independence Measure) score.
  • Review the care plan for any changes in the individual's condition.

Assessment of Independent Sit-to-Stand Ability

Conducting an ability test involves:

  • Checking upper body strength by pushing against resistance.
  • Evaluating leg strength and stability.
  • Ensuring the individual is positioned correctly in the chair.

Executing the Sit-to-Stand Transition

Steps for safely assisting with the transition:

  • Identify the individual's dominant leg for positioning.
  • Use the chair arms for support during the lift.
  • Employ a 'ready, steady, stand' approach with a rocking motion.

Support and Steadiness During Transition

Provide support by:

  • Being present to steady the individual if needed.
  • Guiding the movement without forcing it, allowing for independence.

Post-Transition Support

Once standing, ensure the individual is stable and ready to proceed to their destination.