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Disposable Aprons

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Enhancing Infection Control with Disposable Aprons

Healthcare professionals often encounter situations where their work attire can potentially spread infection. To mitigate this risk, it's crucial to understand the appropriate use of disposable plastic aprons and full-body gowns.

Choosing the Right Apron

Different colored aprons are designated for various tasks to prevent cross-contamination:

  • Red Aprons: Used for cleaning bathrooms, toilets, and basins.
  • Yellow Aprons: For cleaning isolation rooms or areas.
  • Green Aprons: When handling food or drink, in canteens, kitchens, or wards.
  • Blue Aprons: Intended for cleaning in public areas like wards.

Application and Removal of Aprons

The following steps ensure safe and effective use of aprons:

Application Procedure

  1. Perform hand hygiene before handling an apron.
  2. Remove an apron from the roll or dispenser, making sure the inner surface faces the patient.
  3. Place the neck loop over your head and adjust the apron to cover your body adequately.
  4. Secure the waist straps with a knot, ensuring the apron fits snugly.

Removal and Disposal

  1. First, remove disposable gloves.
  2. Break the neck and waist straps of the apron.
  3. Roll the apron downwards, keeping the contaminated side inwards.
  4. Dispose of it in the designated hazardous waste bin.
  5. Conclude with thorough hand washing.

By adhering to these guidelines, healthcare professionals can significantly reduce the risk of infection transmission through clothing.