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Decoding Ability Tests: A Focus on Functional Individual Mobility

In this discussion, we explore ability tests, particularly the Functional Individual Mobility (FIM) scoring system, that helps assess an individual's level of dependence and their requirement for support.

Functional Individual Mobility (FIM) Scoring System

The FIM scoring system ranges from 1 to 7, helping evaluate whether a person is independent, semi-dependent, or fully dependent. Each score has a specific meaning, providing vital information about the type and level of support the individual needs.

Understanding the FIM Scoring System

  • Score 7: The individual is independent, requiring no assistance from a handler.
  • Score 6: The individual may require equipment and extra time but no handler assistance.
  • Score 5 - 4 - 3: The individual requires some assistance, likely requiring a single handler. A score of 4 indicates the need for additional assistance in movement and support. A score of 3 suggests the individual can perform approximately 50% of the movement, requiring a handler's help.
  • Score 2: The individual can offer minimal help but requires maximal assistance.
  • Score 1: The individual needs complete assistance, capable of only very minimal movement (less than 25%).

Importance of FIM Scoring in Care Plans and Risk Assessments

The FIM scoring system is critical in care plans and risk assessments, giving staff a clear indication of the support level required. Always consult the care plan or support plan before any moving and handling practice, as the individual's ability and health status might have changed over time.

How FIM Scores Inform Care Practices

Understanding the FIM scoring system is beneficial in determining the number of handlers required, the necessary equipment, the time scale, and the approaches that should be taken. This knowledge is crucial in providing effective and safe care.