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Enhancing Outcomes via Advanced Information Sharing

Advancing the practices around information sharing forms a fundamental part of the government's approach to improving outcomes for all. Various resources are readily available to support this initiative, accessible via your course dashboard.

Key Resources for Information Sharing

These resources encompass the following:

  • Every Child Matters Strategy 2003: An initiative aiming to improve holistic child well-being
  • HM Government Information Sharing Vision Statement 2006: A guide to the government's goals for information sharing
  • The Children's Plan 2007: A comprehensive plan for Children's services
  • Think PACT Family Reports 2006-2008: Valuable insights into families and their needs
  • Information Sharing: A Practices Guide 2006: Cross-government guidance for practitioners across the entire children's workforce

Finally, updated guidelines are available to extend the relevance to practitioners working with adults, families, children, and young people.

Aims of Information Sharing Practices

The main aim of these information sharing practices is to enhance professional conduct by providing clear advice on when and how to share information and discern situations where it is inappropriate to disclose information. This initiative also clarifies the legal framework for information sharing and develops an understanding in sharing information professionally and lawfully.

The Case of "Baby P": Highlighting the Importance of Information Sharing

An infamous example that underscores the importance of effective information sharing is the tragic case of "Baby P" in 2007. Peter, also known as "Baby P", was a 17-month-old child brutally murdered by his mother, her boyfriend, and lodger. Despite enduring over 50 injuries and being visited by authorities 60 times in the eight months leading to his death, the abuse was never detected or reported. The professionals in contact with him included social workers, doctors, lawyers, and the police. This case underlines the crucial need for effective information sharing and vigilance in safeguarding the welfare of children.