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What to do if you suffer from discrimination

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Responding to Workplace Discrimination: Understanding Your Rights and Procedures

Dealing with Discrimination

If you face discrimination at work, know that laws like the Equality Act 2010 protect your rights. It's important to discuss the issue with someone you trust and consider formal steps to address it.

Employer's Responsibility Under the Equality Act 2010

Employers are obliged to investigate and address complaints of discrimination, ensuring proper resolution.

Raising a Grievance

Lodging a complaint triggers your employer's grievance procedure, designed to handle such issues according to policy and law.

Employment Tribunal Process

If unresolved, you can take your complaint to an employment tribunal for legal adjudication.

Tribunal Remedies and Compensation

The tribunal can offer remedies like compensation or corrective actions if your claim is successful.

Indirect Discrimination Considerations

In cases of indirect discrimination, the tribunal will carefully assess all aspects before determining remedies.

Scope of Complaints

Complaints can extend beyond employers to include co-workers, consultants, or contractors.

Liability in Discrimination Cases

Individuals can be personally liable for discriminatory acts, though there are exceptions based on the employer's assurances.

Criminal Offences and Penalties

Employers providing false assurances leading to unlawful acts can face criminal charges and penalties.


Understanding your rights and the procedures for addressing workplace discrimination is crucial for ensuring a fair and respectful work environment.