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Experiences, attitudes and beliefs

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Developing Self-Awareness and Aligning with Organisational Values in Health and Social Care

In the health and social care sector, understanding and aligning your personal beliefs and attitudes with professional values is crucial for effective service delivery. This guide explores how self-awareness and organisational values influence your role.

Impact of Personal Experiences and Beliefs

Your background, upbringing, and experiences shape your attitudes and beliefs, influencing how you perceive and interact in your professional role.

The Importance of Self-Awareness

Developing self-awareness is essential to ensure that personal biases do not negatively impact your professional duties. It involves understanding and respecting the diverse attitudes and beliefs of others.

Understanding Beliefs and Attitudes

Beliefs are your deeply-held principles guiding your life, closely linked to your morals and values. Attitudes are the opinions and mindsets shaped by your life experiences.

Organisational Values, Aims, and Objectives

Understanding your employer's values, aims, and objectives is vital. Values reflect the principles evident in service delivery, aims are the general goals of the organisation, and objectives are the specific targets to achieve these aims.

Finding Out Your Employer’s Values

If these are not readily available, it is advisable to ask your manager to provide clarity on the organisation's values, aims, and objectives.

Learning Outcomes:
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