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Record keeping in care

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Essential Record Keeping in Care

A comprehensive guide on the vital role of record keeping in health and social care settings.

Types of Records in Care Settings

Understanding the diverse range of records encountered in care, including personal, medication, and risk assessment records.

Storage and Security of Records

The importance of securely storing records, accessible only to authorised individuals, whether in paper or digital format.

Principles of Record Keeping

Key principles governing record maintenance in care settings, focusing on confidentiality and data protection compliance.

Accuracy and Professionalism

Ensuring all record entries are legible, factual, and unbiased, with clear signatures and dates for accountability and chronological clarity.

Legal and Investigative Relevance

The potential for records to become part of investigations or legal cases, emphasising the need for accuracy and professionalism.

Data Protection and Access Rights

Understanding individuals' rights to access their records under data protection regulations and the implications for care providers.

Seeking Guidance

The importance of consulting with management for clarification or assistance in maintaining high standards in record-keeping practices.