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In order to stop intruders and prevent individuals from becoming victims of crime, good security measures are important. Your organisation will have their own security procedures in place, ensure you familiarise yourself with them. Your employer may also have guidance or advice around safe working. Ask your manager about this.

Examples of measures which could be taken to work securely include:

• Challenging any strangers you find on the premises or in restricted areas;
• Requiring visitors secure premises to sign a visitor book;
• Setting alarms where they are fitted;
• And Checking the identity of individuals who ring and ask for information

If your workplace is small, outside doors should be locked and fitted with a doorbell to ensure no unauthorised access. Never let in visitors or give out information unless you have consent to do so.

If you are working in an individual’s home you can support them to get advice about how to make their home more secure, for example by accessing information on the internet.

If you are working alone or have to drive between visits you may also have to undergo lone worker training. There are many things you can do to ensure your safety while alone, most of them are common sense.