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Protecting yourself against allegations

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Ensuring Child Safety and Protection in Interactions

When working with children and young people, it's vital to have a comprehensive understanding of child protection and potential risks that could lead to harm. Child protection focuses on safeguarding children from harm. However, it's also essential to protect yourself from potential allegations related to child protection by avoiding situations that might leave you vulnerable in your interactions with children.

Appropriate Behaviour in Interactions with Children

Always ensure that your behaviour is not misinterpreted or deemed inappropriate when dealing with children. Here are some guidelines to follow:

Avoid Promising to Keep Secrets

Never pledge to keep secrets. By promising secrecy, it could imply an inappropriate special relationship that's not suitable when working with children.

Mindful Physical Contact

Avoid initiating physical contact with a child. If a child expresses affection, such as wanting to give a hug, ensure it's observed by another adult and keep your hands visible at all times.

Strictly No Intimate Contact

Intimate contact is not justified under any circumstance. There's no acceptable reason for intimate contact with a child and it should never occur without exception.

Personal Information Is Private

Refrain from sharing personal information. Children should not have access to your personal details, such as your mobile number or home address. Sharing such information could be construed as forming a special relationship.

Professional Boundaries on Social Media

Be mindful of social media. Don't accept friend requests or personal messages from children on social media platforms and ensure your profile is private.

Maintaining a Safe Environment for All

These guidelines help maintain a safe and secure environment for both you and the children you interact with, preventing misunderstandings and minimising the risk of inappropriate conduct.