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Whether or not we are aware of it, we all live our everyday lives by a set of values that shape how we think and react. Values are beliefs and ideas about how people should behave which have been formed by our childhoods, families, backgrounds, cultures, religions and relationships. Whilst we each have our own values there are values which are important for working in health and social care.

Six values are now recognised as applying to health and social care workers. These are known as ‘The 6 Cs’:

  • Care: having someone’s best interests at heart and doing what you can to maintain or improve their well-being
  • Compassion: being able to feel for someone, to understand them and their situation
  • Competence: to understand what someone needs and have the knowledge and skills to provide it
  • Communication: to listen carefully but also be able to speak and act in a way that the person can understand
  • Courage: not to have fear to try out new things or to say if you are concerned about anything
  • Commitment: dedication to providing care and support but also understanding the responsibility you have as a worker.

Another way of looking at the 6 Cs is that each individual must be placed at the centre of their care and support. It must fit the individual, rather than the individual being made to fit existing routines or ways of doing things. This is known as person-centred working. Person-centered values tell you how to work in a person-centred way.

We cover dignity in other videos but dignity is a good example of the values included in the person-centred care.  There are many ways to promote dignity at all times while at work, always remember you are caring for a real person with real feelings.  Everything you do or say must reflect the best interests of the person and you care at all times in a person's centred way.