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Every Child Matters

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Every Child Matters: A Response to the Victoria Climbié Tragedy

In response to the unfortunate demise of Victoria Climbié in 2000, a thorough inquiry was set in motion to investigate the need for new legislation and guidance to bolster the child protection system. This led to the development of a clear guideline known as Every Child Matters, providing a structured framework for those involved with children.

Four Key Domains of Every Child Matters

Every Child Matters underscores four crucial areas: delivering aid to parents and caregivers, initiating early interventions, establishing effective protection, assuring accountability and integration at various levels, and lastly, driving workforce reform.

Supporting Parents and Caregivers

Providing substantial support to parents and caregivers forms an integral part of this initiative. The goal is to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure the best possible care for children.

Early Intervention and Effective Protection

Emphasising the role of early interventions, Every Child Matters strives to identify and address potential issues at the earliest, thereby providing effective protection for children.

Accountability and Integration

Every Child Matters assures accountability and integration at all levels, from local to national and regional, aiming to create a robust and efficient child protection system.

Workforce Reform

Workforce reform is another pivotal domain, focusing on the training and development of those involved in child care and protection, thereby elevating the quality of care provided to children.

A Vision for the Future

The underlying vision of this report is the pursuit of substantial improvement in opportunities and outcomes for children. This improvement is envisioned as a result of a comprehensive reform of children's service delivery, transcending beyond child protection alone.

A Comprehensive and Child-Centric Change

The anticipated change is holistic, aiming to revolve reforms around the child and their family, extend support to parents and caregivers, and foster workforce development and a shift in cultural and professional practices. It further strives to integrate universal and targeted services seamlessly and consolidates services across all age groups, from birth to nine years old. In essence, Every Child Matters is a champion of the importance of early interventions and the effective protection of children.