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Employers have a responsibility to provide induction training to ensure that all staff have the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to do their job. The Care Certificate may be used as part of your induction, as it sets out basic skills that you will need to be competent when working in health and social care. 

Each standard must be completed and assessed before you can work without direct supervision in any setting. This should happen at the beginning of your employment and can be done in a phased way. As you meet each individual standard, you could be allowed to work without direct supervision against that standard.

The Care Certificate is not a replacement for the induction and training which is particular to the job you are employed to do and the employer you work for. You will be required to complete other courses to increase knowledge and competency.

The Care Certificate is not a license to practice, it just proves that you have completed training and been signed off as competent in the workplace. It can provide evidence towards some regulated qualifications and apprenticeships in health or social care. It is your employer’s responsibility for awarding the Care Certificate to you. Whilst your employer should record your achievement, they should also provide you with a certificate.

Once issued by your employer, it is recommended that you keep the certificate as evidence of completion, as well as any additional documentation you believe would be beneficial to other employers. This will help avoid the need to repeat learning if you move to other health and social care roles, though periodic refreshers on some content may always be required.

This online course covers what you need to know and understand for each standard in the Care Certificate. It has questions and activities for you to complete to show that you have understood the information and how it applies to your work.

While you are at work your employer will then need to assess your competence around some parts of the Care Certificate, where needed in the standard, by observing you in your workplace. It is important that this is undertaken before you are expected to work alone on the tasks being assessed.

Once all parts of the practical assessment are achieved and the assessor is satisfied you have the knowledge required for each standard, you will be awarded the Care Certificate. Finally, remember that completing this course only meets the theory part of the care certificate. You will still need to be signed off in the workplace for the other modules. We have put tracking documents in the student download area of this course.