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The Care Certificate is a key part of the induction an employer has to provide. It is expected that it be completed and assessed before new health or social care workers are allowed to work without direct supervision. It sets out specific values, abilities and behaviour that ensure that the new health or a social care worker is able to provide good quality care with compassion. It comprises 15 different standards, ranging from your own role and development to values like equality, diversity and dignity, to health and safety and infection prevention. You need to be overseen by each of the standards until your assessor is confident that you are meeting them all and can work without direct supervision.

This Care Certificate course covers the knowledge content. Your employer may choose to provide more detailed information about each part in the form of additional courses or training.

The combination of the knowledge content, practical training and workplace assessment should enable you to develop the essential skills to undertake your role. Some undertaking the Care Certificate will require more support than others. Your manager should be able to identify this as part of supervision, but always let them know if you need more support.

As a health or social care worker, it is important to carry out further training and qualifications. Continuing professional development, (CPD), is a record of your learning, development and achievement. It will usually be in a folder which keeps records of your progress beyond your initial training. The Personal Development Plan will help you to focus on areas of learning and development.

Continual learning is needed by all workers, especially in health and social care as changes happen on a regular basis. Legislation may change, ways of working may be developed and ways to complete documentation may be improved. Your CPD file will become valuable evidence of what you have done to develop your knowledge and skills.